Factoring & Invoice Discounting in the UK

Whats most precious – staff or cash?

A rhetorical question but businesses will often state their most precious resource is staff and whilst this is a strong sentiment the reality is that cash is so vital to well being that everything else is secondary.

With this in mind, any business from one which is only an idea in an entrepreneurs head all the way to an established business must make sure it has the cash available to enable its aspirations to be met.

You do not need to listen to the news to be aware of basic issues that affect our working environment and the availability of cash to businesses is a daily issue with Directors continually balancing payments in with payments out.

But where to go for advice? The first call would usually be to a bank but this is no longer the case, a situation for which the banks have themselves, in part, to blame.

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of web sites offering advice, much of which is confusing and in many cases conflicting.

Angel finance, peer to peer lending, asset finance, factoring, invoice finance, local agency grants, venture capital, mezzanine, equity…. The list goes on & on but whatever the name the raw material is the same…..cash.

Just Commercial Fi nance is a completely independent brokerage able to offer businesses a view of the market other brokers can’t or won’t. We can cut through financial jargon and tell you quickly what facility may best suit your business (and why) and then find a suitable lender.

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