Factoring & Invoice Discounting in the UK

Independent brokers, really?

If you are a business looking for funding through any type of invoice finance facility there’s plenty of advice available and that advice will often be supported by introductions to funders. It may be worth asking why a certain introduction has been made; brokers that are truly independent will have a detailed market knowledge and will match your requirements with the right lender, bearing in mind your needs, not the brokers. They will earn a commission for this which will not impact the fees you pay.

Non independent brokers will also have a detailed market knowledge, and will also take a commission. But, and its a big but, their ownership may well dictate the motivation behind the introduction. Many brokerages are owned by accountancy or insolvency (restructuring) practices and this will undoubtedly affect the destination of the introduction.

it is worth asking about a brokers ownership because it is not always apparent on the web site!

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